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Let God Speak Prophecy Campaign 
With International Evangelist Guy Nembhard


Perimeter Lane Field (The Desert) Glebe Road, Pembroke
(Across from Victor Scott Primary School)

Saturday April 30th, you have watched the Concert, heard Guy Nembhard speak on "How to Remain in the Church", viewed the newly baptised receiving their presentation.

Now join us May 4th at Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church for the Islandwide 25th Anniversary of the Bermuda Conference of Seventh Day Adventist.
5:30pm celebration and fellowshipship dinner of newly baptised members along with the church members.
6:30pm 25th Anniversary event - Islandwide Prayer Meeting and celebration

You are welcomed to submit a prayer request or for a response to Let God Speak Prophecy Campaign

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Program Lineup:

Friday afternoon - April 29th: 6:30pm - "Jesus Is Coming Again", Let God Speak Prophecy Campaign. Speaker: Evangelist Guy Nembhard.
Saturday morning - April 30th: 8:00am Early morning manna, 9:30am Sabbath School, 10:30am Let God Speak Prophecy Campaign program "Spending 1000 Years With Jesus" followed by a baptism service. Speaker: Evangelist Guy Nembhard. Lunch served afterwards.
Saturday afternoon and evening - April 30th: 5:00pm Concert and "How to Remain in the Church". At 8:00pm there will be a Social. Food will also be served at the social of fun and games.

If you have any prayer or transportation request, further comments/questions, please feel free to submit the request through the links above. We look forward to hearing from you.

See All That is Has Happened at the Let God Speak Prophecy Campaign
(in pictures-click here)

So far Evangelist Guy Nembhard had talked frankly about the times we are living in, how extremely close we are to the end of this world, the truth about the living and the dead soul ("Did Jesus call Lazarus from Heaven to resurrect him from the dead?"), Sunday Is A Work Day, Who Is This Anti-Christ that the Bible talks about, and Mene Mene Teke Upharsin (which touched on the days of man being numbered, and our days are weighed in the balance, shall we fall short and be found wanting or will we be ready? Daniel 5: 22-28), the Image of The Beast, identified who was the one that looked like a lamb that spake like a dragon causing all to worship the Image of the first Beast (Revelation 13), how God intended marriage to really be, how to bring your children to Christ, God's call for His people to come out of the false church (to come out of spiritual confusion, Babylon), and lastly that there is a clear distinction between the children of God and the children who follow after the mother church of adultery found in Revelation. Those who follow after this church of adultery (the ways of this world) equates to the portion of Jezebel that is found in 2 King 9.

       Runaway Boy Turns Preacher

Pastor Nembhard was born in Belize and speaks three languages.   He loves preaching the Word of God.  His unique way of presenting  the gospel keeps the listeners always on the edge of their seats.   He has baptized more the 40,000 precious souls to Christ during his 34-year ministry.   His style of evangelism is very simple, but powerful.   There are no quizzes, gifts, and trinkets.   His emphasis is good music and dynamic preaching, and personal interaction.   He includes children, young people, women and men in his meetings each night.   He is a great musician himself. He loves to sing and play the piano.

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